"Alex at Ibejiheads makes great bullets!
I noticed a 40+fps increase in chrono velocity even after I decreased the powder charge from 4.1g to 3.9g  in my 9mm loads!
Very accurate, lower cost, and even after 1k+ fired through the gun, there was very little clean up and almost no fouling in the barrel.
Ibejiheads are the best overall value out of all the bullet manufacturers I've tried. Not to mention, he's local!
Once you get them dialed in for your gun, you won't be disappointed."

Denton Randolph, NJ


  "Great bang for the buck...My bullet head of choice. Less smoke and really accurate. I switched to Ibejiheads bullets when I started shooting in the states and i never looked back since. I recommend it to all my shooting buddies. I stand by this product".

Rori Songco, Ct


 "I’ve been using Ibejiheads Bullets for over 2 yrs now and I never had any complaints. The coating works great!! Its very accurate,  minimal smoke and no “electrical burning” smell. Very clean to handle, no messy materials sticking to my fingers and my barrel stays clean. I use the 128g RN 9mm. I recommend this to anyone looking for match quality coated lead bullets at a reasonable price."

Val Pendon, Brooklyn, NY


"I've been using Ibejiheads on my .40"s and 9MM's. The best head you can get for the price. Alex perfected his recipe. It is very accurate and smoke free.  Its very clean and no fouling in barrel. His roundhead 200gr. in .40 cal. and 135gr. 9mm are my favorite. It makes my ammo jam free".

Manny Nerona, Yonkers,  NY


"Just finished testing some new Ibeji Heads 180gr FP, good stuff! A bit faster than M******'s JHP & very accurate. I just need to load them down a little & I think they will be fine. I checked my records on m****** and the avg was 962, the ibeji was 1012 avg with the same 6.0 grains. Definitely good bullets & you can't beat the price."

Kenny Lee, NJ