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Ibejiheads Coated Bullets, cast lead bullets at its best! Coated bullets are here to stay. As jacketed bullets have become more expensive these days, coated bullets is the best alternative.


Not all coated bullets are the same; CONSISTENCY is the key to ACCURACY. Good bullets need to be uniform in weight and size in order to be precise and accurate. We developed a quality control process that enables us to attain tight tolerance in the weight and sizing of our bullets. We only use a 92-6-2 alloy for most of our bullets and optimize the alloying of certain bullets for specific applications. Our coating material is engineered to dramatically reduce friction, smoke, and will not build up in the barrel, which is a critical factor in maintaining a consistent barrel condition when continously firing multiple rounds of ammunition. The coating method that we use evenly encapsulates the bullet to minimize lead exposure when handling and reloading; it does not contain sulfur that can produce a pungent odor, neither do we use chemicals to promote adhesion that can be harmful to the barrel. The material itself cures to a solid film that is tough and sleek.

Available color options:Copper Metallic,Classic Ibeji Blue, New Blue and Green. 


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